Find out what the #1 song was on the charts the day you were born on "Mr. Tambourine Man" by the Byrds, in my case. Makes you somewhat happy to learn that the # 1 song on the day you were born is quite a famous one.

While browsing the site, I came across Christopher Cross's debut piece :"Ride Like the Wind". It's a song about a worn out bandit on the run, still more to go till the Mexico border and "riding like the wind" to reach freedom.

Not in the same meaning as intended, but I send myself the words "Ride Like the Wind" on my birthday. At this time of drastic change and new way of life, one who cannot adjust to the changes will not survive.

Ride like the wind, go with the flow, and accept the changes that occur.
Sometimes difficult not being the smart and flexible type, but I need to work on it.
Still a bit to go, but the border is near.


Encountered a great tasting Curry Udon at Meguro. (The udon regardless of the curry tastes great too.) Access the link to the Shop's webpage at the bottom of this article for shop location.



JR目黒駅近くの「手打ちうどん こんぴら茶屋」は表から見るとカレーうどんのそぶりも見せない店の佇まいであるが、品書きを見るとカレーうどん全面押しだとすぐわかる。常連が多いようで客の9割がカレーうどんを注文していた。チーズや卵、餅などのトッピングもありつけ麺も用意されている。味は辛口と普通の二種類から選べる。




20200530konpira_curryudon1.JPG 20200530konpira_curryudon3.JPG


telework 2020/05

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For the record.

Working from home, May 2020.

Since I was fortunate to have a room for my own to setup my tele-work environment, that certainly helped me concentrate on work. It did help in achieving a lot effectively, but it came with some negatives. Since I apparently was so focused and somewhat overly concentrating, the days usually wound up noticing myself completely exhausted. In addition to the work space, I guess that focusing all day on your PC display which is the one and only connection to your team and company drains most of your energy at the end of the day. Controlling yourself, snapping yourself out of the concentration for a break once in a while is important. I actually experienced swollen legs from sitting at the desk all day. Getting away from the displays and going out for a short walk at lunch time also helps a lot.

Lessons learned. A nice experience to actually learn how you can or cannot manage yourself in a tele-work situation.



The Rixen Kaul Frontbag: Daypack Box which I've been using so long for bicycle touring has become quite sticky with grime and dust, making me decide to trash it. When ripping off the outer cover, out came a (still) firm skeleton frame that made me have second thoughts about throwing the whole thing away.


Looking through the closet to find something I can turn into a cycle basket, out comes a jute shopping bag I recall getting at the Hethrow Airport Duty Free. Looks nice as a casual cycling basket by fixing the frame to it.


The jute bag is strong enough and the fram fits perfectly size wise.

20200524rixen3.jpg 20200524rixen4.jpg

Actually looks fancy. Can't wait to use it on my next shopping chore.



*2020-04-11 22:20 originally posted


In the press conference declaring the state of emergency to stop the corona virus, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged Japanese citizens to reducing person-to-person contact by 80%. If successfully achieved, Japan could avoid an explosive rise and turn the curve downwards in a month. Since Japan cannot enforce a lock down legally banning citizens from going outside, the consciousness of each and every citizen to actively aim this number becomes important.

In my case, reducing person-to-person contact by 80% from my usual days including my commute on the train would become around 20 people. If I were to count strictly the people who come within my social distance of 2 meters, this 18 people/day turns out to be quite difficult to achieve since the majority of people aren't aware of social distancing and walk by you so closely without any bad faith. They even give you a grin if you try to back off. I am not aware of any stores that have any signs of keeping distance inside, except COSTCO which is of US origin. If I were to seriously aim for less than 20, I'd have to give up my daily jog (walk in public) to achieve it. IF everyone become aware of social distancing and seriously abides by it, I believe it will work.

I plan to keep a day by day record of how many person-to-person contact I have made, to keep myself conscious of this 80% target which all Japanese citizens have to keep in mind for the next month.

  • 04/09: approx. 20ppl
  • 04/10: approx. 20ppl
  • 04/11: approx. 10ppl
  • 04/12: 0ppl
  • 04/13: 0ppl
  • 04/14: 2ppl
  • 04/15: 0ppl
  • 04/16: approx. 10ppl
  • 04/17: approx. 20ppl
  • 04/18: 0ppl
  • 04/19: 5ppl
  • 04/20: 1ppl
  • 04/21: 0ppl
  • 04/22: 10ppl
  • 04/23: 20ppl
  • 04/24: 0ppl
  • 04/25: 0ppl
  • 04/26: 5ppl
  • 04/27: 0ppl
  • 04/28: 0ppl
  • 04/29: 3ppl
  • 04/30: 0ppl
  • 05/01: 5ppl
  • 05/02: 3ppl
  • 05/03: 5ppl
  • 05/04: 5ppl
  • 05/05: 5ppl
  • 05/06: 0ppl
  • 05/07: 0ppl
  • 05/08: 1ppl
  • 05/09: 2ppl

* Stopping the recording of social distancing as of May 9, since it has fulfilled the role of keeping me conscious of person2person contact to the point that it is now in my blood.


EOS Webcam Utility Beta

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Canon USA has released a beta version software 'EOS Webcam Utility Beta' that turns select Canon EOS Cameras into webcams.

Everyone's relying on video calls to stay connected during this #stayhome time, and webcams and video boards are difficult to find even if you're willing to pay. This utility solves that for EOS users.

I've installed the utility on my Win10 UMPC:GPD Pocket that doesn't have an integrated camera, hooked my EOS M6 Mark II to it via USB and it worked just fine on ZOOM.

The image quality is obviously much high compared to the low-res webcam images we've become used to these days, and it's easy to notice at a glance.

Good job Canon.

note: It is a beta version with no support outside of the US. Use it at your own risk.


About replacing my broken 10 year old WiFi access point with an 11ac enabled one. Turns out latest features improve my home network user experience. The WiFi band steering feature on the Buffalo access point enables optimal 11ac/11n switching automatically depending on the signal strength needless of any user !

Another unexpected improvement (should have imagined, my oversight) was that the extended signal range in new generation access points enables me to reduce the number of Access points from 3 to 2. (Yes, I needed 3 to cover my small apartment full of walls !) The new access point also uses some technology that pinpoints and aims at the client device in transferring the wireless signal. Wow, technology improvements !

I guess it does make sense to invest in your network infrastructure once in a while.

Amazon Japan:


Didn't realize that the world of paper craft was this serious.
References to some hard-core stuff below !
A good way to spend some artistic time during the #stayhome time.





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The #LightItBlue movement is spreading across the world to thank our frontline and essential workers in this difficult time. Expressing my 5 cents worth of appreciation by lighting my background image blue....with a picture of a Hawaii sunset from last year.




My 5 cents to support the restaurant industry having a difficult time...introducing places which started takeout menus. #supporttakeout


Social Distance/社会的距離

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Messages with class, from our German auto manufactures. Keep a distance to stay together.


#keepdistance #keepsocialdistance #staytogether #stayathome #stayhome #audi #volkswagen



売ります/For Sale

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Some stuff for sale. Road bike handlebar, a couple of minicars, and some old gadgets. Limitied to residents in Japan.


Sketches from the Past

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Found some drawings from the past, and decided to upload them for the record.

Flickr:Drawings -



酸辣湯麺 (Sanratanmen) 2020/02

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In to hot and sour noodles these days...

200218sanra_taikorou.jpg 200218sanra_karasu.jpg

「泰興楼」 自由が丘店:相変わらず酸味と胡椒辛さがガツンと。

200218sanra_daidai1.jpg 200218sanra_daidai2.jpg

池尻大橋「橙」: トマトが酸味を増長。



Update :03/20
20200320sanra_midtown1.jpg 20200320sanra_midtown2.jpg

東京ミッドタウン「千里馬 南翔小籠」:胡椒と辣油がガツンと効いた刺激的な麺。


Shopping List, Feb 11

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Decide to test out Amazon hub...pickup at the train station.

200215amazon1.jpg 200215amazon2.jpg

200215amazon3.jpg 200215amazon4.jpg


Need to backup some data from an IDE HDD...

Stuff for my tennis elbow (actually turns out to be golf elbow symptom wise...)

New tennis wear for a change...this I bought from UNIQLO
Kei Nishikori AO2020 Version Tennis Wear


Tennis Strings

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Started the tennis year with a couple of hours of play this weekend. Had a difficult time holding down my strokes with one of my rackets, and I'm going to blame the strings instead of my skills. Suffering from a slight tennis elbow and shoulder pain, so thinking about trying a softer type of strings instead of the nylon strings that came with the racket and a bit harsh on your wrists and shoulders.

A lot of recommendations for the Technifiber X-ONE BIPHASE.
Flat stroke player, wanting a string that helps hold down the ball, soft on the wrist and elbows.
Any other recommendations ?

p.s. Congrats to Novak, 2020AO Winner, as I am posting this.


Minatoya 3 Mercedes Me Roppongi

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200126mercedesme_minatoya1.jpg 200126mercedesme_minatoya2.jpg

Collaboration of German and Japanese craftsmanship. The founder of a famous Japanese noodle shop "Minato-Ya" has opened shop inside the Mercedes Benz showroom in Roppongi.
Who would imagine Mercedes Benz serving noodles !?
The special shoyu based hot and spicy Tsuke-men noodle menu named :Minatoya 3 Vision "Mercedes-AMG GT Atatakai-Nikusoba" (what a name for a noodle dish !) is said to be inspired from the AMG sports series of the Mercedes brand. Spicy and good tasting it was. The pricing also inspired by AMG ? lol
Worth a try while it is still open....only in Japan


English Pages

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As part of the site tune-up, the English side of the website was initially planned to be merged with the Japanese side and be terminated. I had thought of either supplementing the Japanese contents with English translation or doing away with contents in English completely.

This direction goes against the current web trend that calls for dedicated localized pages. It also does not mean that I don't want to post contents in English anymore because I still do ! The main reason I had made the decision was due to the burden and redundancy on my part to update information twice, once in Japanese then in English. I had also set up a separate blog for posting English dedicated articles, but articles are not posted as often as expected. What would you want to post in ENGLISH ONLY in the first place ? lol

Result...I decided to keep the English side of the website.
Restructuring the website to be modular enabled a common content body for both Japanese and English webpages so updating is an one time procedure. Language switching is done using style sheets. The remodeled website has a English side with the majority of contents mirrored and synced, but in English. A look at the Blog postings in the Japanese side and the corresponding English page will hint at what is being done to achieve this.

BTW, This helped.
Rodger "Using base href/ with Anchors"-

200121english1.png 200121japanese1.png


21st Year / Wayback Machine

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Started in 1999, this website is in it's 21st year, which makes it a good timing for the minor design change going on.
The earliest snapshot of this site logged by Wayback Machine dates back to August of 2002.







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