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自作ギャレー(給排水シンク+調理テーブル)パート1 / DIY Galley (water sink+table) part 1

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A water sink and cooking table... a galley was something I wanted to equip my camping car with.
Some camper models equipped with a galley were candidates in my search, but were filtered out due to not only budget reasons but lack of sleeping space due to the permanent galley unit. I actually consulted my dealer about adding a simple water sink in my NV200 Camper FOCS Luz but gave up on it since it just didn't work.
As result, I decided I'd DIY a portable water sink system that can be carried on and off the car.
Starting off with collection of parts and materials.
The wood parts of choice was 1x4 and 2x4 lumber so I can make adjustments to height as the frame built up. One piece boards may have looked prettier, but 1x's and 2x's have it's tastes too. The sink, supply and waste water tanks, and a USB charged electrical water pump were other parts that were collected.

202202galley1.jpg 202202galley2.jpg

The design sketch. (Click to enlarge)It ended up close, but not exactly since some tweaking was done as the build was in progress.


Putting together the upper and lower frame independently. Making the upper frame detachable is for efficient use of the lower frame for other purposes, as well as for easy access to the water tanks.

202202galley3.jpg 202202galley4.jpg

The main frame structure completed. The front side is covered whereas the rear side is left open not only for easy maintenance but for another purpose.

202202galley6.jpg 202202galley7.jpg 202202galley8.jpg

Test fitting the sink and water tank went well as designed.
A cardboard mock up was made beforehand to get an idea of the size, but it's role ends at this point.

202202galley5.jpg 202202galley9.jpg 202202galley10.jpg 202202galley11.jpg

After securing the sink to the frame, an extra feature added on while waiting for the USB charged water pump.
A foldable table is added on to the side using leftover material. The table size was designed to keep the unit easy to carry, but luckily resulted in enough size to place a cassette burner.

202202galley14.jpg 202202galley12.jpg 202202galley13.jpg

The water pump arrived dead on arrival, and needed a disassembly to get it working.
Once it was sucking up water, the water system was checked for leaks and to see if the pump had enough power.
It succeeded, and the unit is complete.


The whole picture of the portable galley (water sink). The size was designed to fit my Nissan NV200 camper which is a rather small camping car, as well as with the mind for easy loading/unloading. On the other hand, the size of the sink needed to be practical at the same time. Water capacity is 10L each for supply and waste which is a bit over spec. I might get a smaller supply tank of 5L instead.
Time for fitting the unit in to the NV200 after adding few parts to help a snug fit with the interior.
202202galley16.jpg 202202galley17.jpg 202202galley18.jpg

continued to PART2...


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完成したポータブルギャレーの車載フィッティングを行ってみた。 まず下フレームの... 続きを読む

NV200キャンパーのL字型シート配置("L"モード)は納車当初より(いや、こ... 続きを読む



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