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自作ギャレー(給排水シンク+調理テーブル)パート2 / DIY Galley (water sink+table) part 2

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The completed portable water sink & table galley is ready for fitting in the car.

First, the lower frame. The portable galley was made so the upper and lower frames can be detached, and the backside of the lower frame kept open. The purpose of this design is to utilize the lower frame on it's side as a storage box when the galley is not in use. The reason for keeping the depth of the galley to 29cm was to fit the lower frame underneath the bed. To make this happen, I was lucky to find a sink with a width of 28cm. The felt on the front side makes it easy to slide like a drawer on the floor.

202202galley16.jpg 202202galley20.jpg 202202galley21.jpg 202202galley22.jpg

I intended this galley to be used in a sideways seat configuration. This seat layout mode was not one that was lectured when I got the car, so I assume it's not a layout intended by the manufacturer. However, the width of the bed floor board (which is designed to fit in the width direction of the car) happens to be the same dimension as the length between the second seat to the rear hatch door...what a coincidence ! This makes the "L" type seating configuration possible. I personally like this configuration since it feels more relaxing than the face to face "dinette" position. The galley was made with this layout in mind, and it can be used sitting on the side seat.


It was relieving to confirm that the galley size was just right, not interfering with the side door even with the table in place.

202202galley23.jpg 202202galley24.jpg

The galley is tied down using a belt and tie down suction cups. The test drive proved that it was firmly fixed tight without any moving around, more than expected. The part added to the rear of the galley to press the galley to the interior wall seems to be doing it's job well. Let's hope the strength of the suction cups last.

202202galley25.jpg 202202galley26.jpg

The "living room", from a different angle.






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