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More than few earthquakes around Japan these days has pushed me to buy a portable power brick and a solar panel, which I've been looking into for a while for outdoor use. AMAZON's BLACK FRIDAY sale gave me the final nudge, and I was clicking on the BUY button.

ECOFLOW EFDELTA 1300(1600W/1260Wh) was my choice for the power brick, since I wanted something that would drive heating appliances with high wattage reasonably, and power lasting for few days. The EFDELTA can drive devices up to 1600W (3200W peak) which can power fan heaters and small microwave ovens as well. There were other models with similar specs but I judged the EFDELTA had the best cost performance, especially with a fast charging feature. I was interested in solar power charging not just because of ecology but assuming outdoor use where a recharge from a power outlet wouldn't be a choice. Wanting something in the 200W range, ALLPOWERS 200W solar panel was....cheap !

The solar panel came in a blunt cardboard package which was somewhat expected of products shipped from China, whereas the EFDELTA came in a cool packaging like the ones you'll see for a smartphone. Neat, for a power brick. Though I had the dimensions in my head, the actual unit looks smaller than I imagined. It didn't feel that heavy initially, but the 14Kg gradually sinks in moving the unit here and there. Now I understand they designed it with two handles to hold it with both hands instead of one.

I tried out charging the EFDELTA with the solar panel at my balcony and got up to 145W from a full sunlight on a December afternoon. Not bad. The fan runs rather loudly when the charging gets to above 100W, and I imagine it might be annoying when it runs to cool down while supplying power. Solar charging at the balcony with handrails resulted in some interesting experimentation, where shadows running horizontally across the panel drastically decreases the charging wattage compared to vertical shadows.

Fully solar charged, and ready to supply power !

20211204ecoflowdelta1.jpg 20211204ecoflowdelta2.jpg 20211204ecoflowdelta3.jpg 20211204ecoflowdelta4.jpg 20211204ecoflowdelta11.jpg

ALLPOWERS 200W Solar Panel
20211204allpowers1.jpg 20211204allpowers2.jpg 20211204allpowers4.jpg

Solar charging the EFDELTA
20211204ecoflowdelta10.jpg 20211204ecoflowdelta8.jpg



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