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The cold season has come when your feet beneath the table becomes pretty cold while you work from home.
I decided to get a small factor fan heater to put under the desk hoping to keep the head cool and the feet warm.
With the thought of using it in power outages and outdoors with the portable power unit as well as regularly under the desk, my search lead me to choosing the IRIS OHYAMA JCH-M082T 800W ceramic heater, which was small and fairly low powered. The motion detector as well as a 800W/400W heat mode switch enables powering the heater economically under limited power source.

It is in fact quite powerful and heats up a small room in short time, and of course warms up your feet instantly. Using it with a fully charged ECOFLOW EFDELTA portable power supply will give you about 3 hours of heat at 400W mode when solely powered. In practical use outdoors using several devices with the power supply, one can use it about an hour before going to sleep to warm up your bedside.

IRIS OHYAMA Ceramic Heater (400W/800W)
20211205heater1.jpg 20211205heater3.jpg 20211205heater2.jpg

Heater powered by a portable power supply pulling 450W
20211205heater5.jpg 20211205heater6.jpg



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