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一石二鳥なベッドフレーム / Bed Frame and more

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The "L" mode sidew bench layout has been something that has been on my mind since I got this camper, or maybe even at the point of choosing this model. The portable sink galley was actually designed with this layout in mind. In actually setting up this layout, it's much more spacious than the standard dinette mode. I like it so much that it's been the fixed layout this couple of weeks, and looks like it's going to stay that way as the standard setting, especially for solo traveling.

The down side with this layout is that though it's comfy spending the day, it's not an one-touch conversion to the standard sleeping layout. Dismantling the galley is especially something that needs avoiding. The width of just the side bench seat is also too narrow to act as a bed.

Being a lazy person, I needed to find a way to configure this layout into a sleeping setting without a drastic change. After a while of staring at the interior, the idea of an additional bed board came to mind. Placing a bed board next to the side bench will add width to the seating surface and turn it into at least a single bed. The galley will keep it's place since the bed board will be designed to fit right in between the bench and galley.

202202luz_lmode.jpg 202202luz_lmodeatnight.png

I measured the length of the bed board to be 120cm, which is achievable by pushing forward the second seat. This 120cm becomes key, which will be explained later. The gap between the bench seat and the galley is about 35cm, and I decided the board width to be 30cm to keep allowance. I chose a set of folding table legs that would give the board a height of 33cm when in use. the height would be just about the same height as the bench seat.

I found a stock table board of 120cm x 30cm size on Amazon, and I picked up a no-brand one over the Iris Ohyama one which was said to be lighter but had quality and packaging issues by the reviews.

Now, an issue that had to be solved was where to store a 120cm board in the daytime when not in use as a bed. Once choice was to look for a place to hide it, but it would be better to make use of it rather than put it away. As I was searching, I found out that other owners of the same model camper were adding rear shelves that span across the width of the car, and can be used as a table in addition to the storage shelf.
Guess what...the length (width) of the shelve/table that's bingo for the NV200 happens to be....120cm !
The 120cm that was just the right size for the bed board is also the just fit size for the rear shelf, making it possible to kill two birds with one stone, a bed board and rear shelf.


The table board that came is sturdy and looks strong enough to hold my body weight as a bed board, but needing a bit of strength moving it around.. Looks nice too being a melanin board with a gloss surface. After pre-fitting the board in the car, the table legs were screwed on. It turns out folding table legs are flexible to weight, but luckily wasn't a show stopper. I added rubber edge guards that act as stoppers to keep the rear shelf fixed while the car is moving, and also to gain a little height to avoid the seat back of the bench seat.
With the DIY finished, the bed board/rear shelf is complete.

202202sleepingshelf1.jpg 202202sleepingshelf2.jpg 202202sleepingshelf3.jpg 202202sleepingshelf4.jpg 202202sleepingshelf5.jpg

Since I had pre-fitted the board, the completed bed board went in with a snug fit as planned, with the board legs avoiding the dining table stem base as calculated. The height is slightly lower tan the bench seat which will be compensated by the thickness of the blanket laid down as a mat.

202202sleepingshelf10.jpg 202202sleepingshelf11.jpg 202202sleepingshelf12.jpg 202202sleepingshelf13.jpg

The board as the rear shelf is also a perfect fit, and the just right width of 120cm feels so good. The height gain to avoid the seat back of the bench seat needs tuning, but hoping to keep it minimal.

202202sleepingshelf8.jpg 202202sleepingshelf9.jpg 202202sleepingshelf7.jpg

My living quarter for the solo auto camp is about complete. Eager to head out adventuring.



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