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EOS Webcam Utility Beta

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Canon USA has released a beta version software 'EOS Webcam Utility Beta' that turns select Canon EOS Cameras into webcams.

Everyone's relying on video calls to stay connected during this #stayhome time, and webcams and video boards are difficult to find even if you're willing to pay. This utility solves that for EOS users.

I've installed the utility on my Win10 UMPC:GPD Pocket that doesn't have an integrated camera, hooked my EOS M6 Mark II to it via USB and it worked just fine on ZOOM.

The image quality is obviously much high compared to the low-res webcam images we've become used to these days, and it's easy to notice at a glance.

Good job Canon.

note: It is a beta version with no support outside of the US. Use it at your own risk.



このページは、@nak(あ)がMay 7, 2020 12:36 AMに書いたブログ記事です。

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