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5年目のコーティング - A4 Avant / 5th Year Coating - A4 Avant

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5 years under the sun, and barely any time under a parking roof. My Audi A4 Avant is kept under the sky, no roof. It's s been exposed to rain snow, pollen, as well as powder sand coming from the baseball ground nearby, bird poo, sap and falling leaves from the tree above. I've trusted the glass coating that was done when I initially got the car and haven't done any serious body maintenance except water washing every month. I know I've kept a lot of grime left. So it's 5 years with 60000Km on the odo, and I've decided it's time for a major body coating overhaul.

I knocked on the doors of Keeper LABO, a shop which specializes in body washing and coating. Treated the car to a three layer coating called "W Diamond Keeper" consisting of two glass coating layers and one of resin. Also paid some extra to have my wheels, the engine bay and door sills coated too. I was told at delivery that they had to do a lot of polishing before the coating to get rid of the water stains and grime, which is my fault not doing the washing and drying of the body completely.

Beautiful looking at the refreshed car. I recognized how beautiful and glossy the car was at the beginning. The looks have returned to the original state, including the touch and feel of the smooth body. I also love the plump water drop that's created on the body. I can keep watching them for hours.

20200824A4coating_1.jpg 20200824A4coating_4.jpg
20200824A4coating_2.jpg 20200824A4coating_3.jpg



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