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Minibook Xの梱包は保管しておくべし / Minibook X - Keep Your Box

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The USB charging of my CHUWI Minibook X broke down.
The contact to CHUWI support via Amazon.jp wasn't initially responding and I was worried that I'd be stuck with blunt Chinese service. That turned out wrong after they responded a few days after, and they became very responsive and decided to send me an new replacement unit as soon as I sent them the broken unit back. Considering the loss of time without the device and the burden of sending back the unit it's best that the product doesn't break down (though it's taken for granted with Chinese products lol), but their support wasn't too bad.

Cleaning up the PC prior to sending it back was relatively easy since I had all my user data saved in the cloud, so I was able to blindly reset the OS. Nice thing about having your data in the cloud, besides being able to share it between devices.


In detail, it was the PD charging stopped working.
The Minibook X has 2 USB ports that support external power input. One port only supports proprietary 12V charging through the supplied AC adapter. The other port supports the PD charging standard and can accept PD supporting adapters and batteries. I've decided to leave the supplied adapter home since it can't be used with other devices, and purchased a PD adapter and battery I can use across all my devices I carry around.
However the other day, I tried to charge my Minibook X running out of juice with the PD battery as usual, to find out that it wasn't charging. Without any other alternatives, it ran out of power and powered off with my work only half done. Back home, the PD port still didn't work with the PD AC charger though the other port did work with the supplied AC power brick. After a little bit more of trouble shooting, I was convinced that the PD port hardware had broke.

Through my past experience with Chinese products, I took it safe and kept the packing box it came in. My feeling that there might be a time that I' need it to sending back the unit was actually right !



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