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TRAXXAS 1/18 TRX-4 M Defender

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While searching for the FMS 1/18 Land Cruiser, I learned about the R/C manufacturer TRAXXAS. Many after market parts from various parties, good performing models make thei vendor a classic manufacturer. The flagship 1/10 scale Land Rover Defender TRX-4 overwhelmed me at that time, (here and here), but the size and budget was too much for me.
A 1/18 scale crawler has come out from TRAXXIS, with the model name TRX-4M, which can be referred as the 1/18 version of the TRX-4. It seems to be out in the market for a while, but still difficult to get in Japan, as well as Europe and the US as of Jan.2023. Searching online, I discovered a green one I've been wanting n stock at a site in Germany, and ordered it as a partner for my FMS LandCruiser.


20230312traxxastr4m2.jpg 20230312traxxastr4m3.jpg

20230312traxxastr4m4.jpg 20230312traxxastr4m7.jpg

Lined it up with the FMS Land Cruiser.

20230312traxxastr4m5.jpg 20230312traxxastr4m6.jpg



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