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Roof Deck (overlander style)

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Thinking about a overlander styled roof deck for my NV200 Camper while keeping the car height low. The ones by Rhinorack and YAKIMA look really cool, but are way too expensive by my standards. Looking for other options, I came across a nice looking one by CarMate INNO.


カーメイト inno イノー 【 ルーフデッキ 100 】オーバーランダースタイル 【 エアロ/スクエアベース 対応モデル 】 INA510 黒
カーメイト inno イノー 【 ルーフデッキ 120 】オーバーランダースタイル 【 エアロ/スクエアベース 対応モデル 】 INA515 黒

Photo simultion, and it looks like the 110cm rack looks better balanced.


THULE was my only choice for the base carrier. Using the fix points on the roof to attach the base carrier was also the choice, having bad experiences in the past clamping the base attachments to the door sill. THULE is the only manufacturer that has a fix point adapter for the NV200. I chose the Wingbar EVO with an aerodynamic cross section looked cool, and will help with wind noise reduction.
I plan to set up the roof rack towards the rear end of the roof, so I used the two fix points of the rear side out of the three. The typical choice would be to use the front two so the carrier would sit on the middle of the roof, but I'm going for something different.

THULE スーリー NV200 バネット(バン・ワゴン H21/5~ M20)用 ルーフキャリア 3点セット フット7107+ウイングバーEVO7113B+キット7050 ベースキャリア カーキャリア ルーフラック カスタム パーツ アクセサリー

First things first, the base carrier system attached.


20220605thule2.jpg 20220605thule4.jpg


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