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外部気温を知る / Monitoring External Temperature : Inkbird IBS-TH1

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I can easily imagine that knowing the outside temperature when staying overnight in a camping car would be useful in determining heating/cooling options.
I found out about an inexpensive monitoring unit Inkbird IBS-TH1 that can monitor temperature and humidity and send the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone app. The dedicated app can display the current values as well as log and graph the monitored data. The unit comes with an external sensor probe that can be placed away from the main unit where the measurement is desired.

20220205tempsensor1.jpg 20220205tempsensor2.jpg

I placed the main unit in the back engine room wall and extended the probe cable up to the front of the car just outside the upper front grill, just beneath the hood. Getting it to communicate with the smartphone app took a few resets to succeed coping with the whimsy nature of cheap Chinese products, but succeeded to display measurements on the app once it got going. (I had to open up a sticky battery cover to take out the battery each time to power cycle. Troublesome Chinese gadget should all have reset buttons. lol)
All went well though I was wondering if the placement of the probe was sufficient to get accurate external temperatures.
A search on the internet (and asking for advice) revealed that the sensor is typically placed near the license plate where there is minimum effect from the engine heat. Next day, rewiring is done and I change the probe location to the lower grill near the license plate.

The day happens to be a cold one with a cold front setting in, and I couldn't help smiling to myself watching the app display showing 4-6 degC in the coziness of 26 degC air conditioning.

20220205tempsensor3.jpg 20220205tempsensor4.png

By the way, there is a version with a display on the main unit, that can be used for internal temperature monitoring. The app can be used to log and display both sensor units and play around with. Geeky.

p.s. Something to get rid of the "commercial van" look. Still haven't decided.



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