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HP Single Monitor Arm BT861AA

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I wanted to find a way to keep my new PC display monitor from getting in the way of the view I have from the window in front of me while acquiring a display position that gives me a ergonomically healthy posture while I concentrate on what's on the screen. This was not the case till now since my display was offset to the left of me and I was twisting my body in that direction to see the screen. Keeping that position a whole day working gave you a very sore body at the end of the day...not good.

A search for a solution lead me to looking into a flexible monitor arm. This is a flexible arm that the display attaches to and enables the display to easily move to various positions. My choice was the HP Single Monitor Arm BT861AA. Being an OEM model by Ergotron, which is a well rated manufacture of monitor arms made the choice easy.

Setting the arm was easy...no drivers required since all the screws were hand screws. The arm fully extended enables extension of the monitor to 60cm away from the base. Height can be adjusted 30cm, and the monitor can be rotated vertically.

With this, I'm now able to move the display right in front of me when I want to concentrate on the screen, and easily move it aside when in a more casual mode, or when the display is not in use. I can even turn the screen 90 deg and tuck it aside.

Problem solved. Nice purchase.


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