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Ride Like the Wind - 誕生日に思う

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Find out what the #1 song was on the charts the day you were born on playback.fm. "Mr. Tambourine Man" by the Byrds, in my case. Makes you somewhat happy to learn that the # 1 song on the day you were born is quite a famous one.

While browsing the site, I came across Christopher Cross's debut piece :"Ride Like the Wind". It's a song about a worn out bandit on the run, still more to go till the Mexico border and "riding like the wind" to reach freedom.

Not in the same meaning as intended, but I send myself the words "Ride Like the Wind" on my birthday. At this time of drastic change and new way of life, one who cannot adjust to the changes will not survive.

Ride like the wind, go with the flow, and accept the changes that occur.
Sometimes difficult not being the smart and flexible type, but I need to work on it.
Still a bit to go, but the border is near.


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