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Registration Complete !

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Cycle Oregon : http://www.cycleoregon.com/


Man...you are making me really jealous! You've rode more in the USA than me...AND I LIVE HERE!

How much of you are going?

Let's join us!

Hi Steven !
In oder to beat me now, you either gotta ride more than me in Japan, or join us in Oregon ! :-)
As far as I know, six of my Bike Friday friends (including Maki-san) are going from Japan.

あ & た,
You folks are too good!

I only know a few people in Hawaii that go and do these mainland tours/rides! (Though lots of Hawaii people do travel to do triathlons or marathons.)

Thanks for the invite. What tour will you be doing, weekend or week long?

Well, I guess that you guys in Hawaii don't have to go to the mainland to for good touring, and take good scenery for granted !:-) I imagine I'd also be satisfied just riding around Hawaii, if I was living there, .
We'll be doing the week-long ride in September, we can't afford the flight just for a weekend ride.


here're your friends :-)

My wife and I'll be in Oahu in September again. ( I hope, we can make it)

So, you can invite me instead of be invited to the Mainland :-)

Don't worry, there's 2weeks between Cycle Oregon and the Honolulu Century !:-)



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