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SLK R170

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I own a 2004 Mercedes Benz R170 230 SLK for four and a half years now. This is the first time I write about it, but I've been posting the motor log and posted on SNS.

I've had a liking for convertibles with a nicely balanced design with the rooftop closed as well as it open. Not many card apply to this by my standard, but one of the few that comes to mind first is the R170 SLK.
However, it is very difficult to find a nice one in nice and original condition these days being a 20 year old car and it being a good subject for modifications.
The search for one had started quite a while ago, but it wasn't a serious one that I was looking forward to because of the small chance of finding once. Thing do turn out in an unexpected way though at times when you have little expectations, and in 2017 I came across a 2004 model in mint condition. Previously owned by a single user in a closed garage, mileage of a mere 5000 Km, and in full original condition including a CD and cassette audio unit.
My mind destined to buy this or never, I placed my purchase order with just a few online inquiries and no spot checks.

The car which I had transported to my place was indeed beautiful and top quality inside and out, just like a new car. Ever since then, I'm always proud to receive compliments from garage service mechanics praising how the car is valuable being so old but in such good condition and low mileage.

The beautiful proportion of the car you can spend hours just watching, the gimmick of the VarioRoof rooftop storage mechanism that's a must-see show every time you open and close it, and last but not least the exhilaration of open air driving. All this adds up to plenty of added spice to life.

With that said, maybe its time to move along....

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  • SLK VarioRoof Opening/Closing



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