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Happy New Year !

Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy 2018.
A busy and tiring 2017 has passed, and hoping 2018 will become an year with a little room to breath.

Sakura Cherrys in Full Bloom

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With the sudden warm tempratures, the cherry trees in Tokyo and many cities on Kyushu have reached full bloom in recent days and will likely be past their peak by the end of the month. This is a record early peak season. The rain held off this weekend, making it the best days for Hanami, or parrtying under the cherry blossoms.

The "Real " Zero Emmision Car

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This is what happens when humans aim for the ideal...
(be aware that the contents may be disturbing)

We can also be smart too...

Just watch...


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May 5 is said to be a day of the "Super-Moon", so I took some shots at it from my balcony.

Here's the best shot, with a little re-touching done.

The original, uploaded to Flickr.
Moon, May 5, 2012

An explanation of a "Super-Moon", by NASA :

Living Abroad in Japan

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Living Abroad In Japan is a really nice book about everyday life, travel and culture in Japan. Just about everything you'll want to know (and need to know) about Japanese life. In addition to detailed and up-to-date (second edition, published September 2008 !) information about life in Japan, the book gives the reader a very good veiw of all parts of Japan by covering all regions of Japan. A great read whether you're planning a trip to Japan, or you're just dreaming about one !

The book recommends bicycles as a very good transportaion method, and mentions Cycle Tokyo! as a good resource for Tokyo biking information. Guess what... the book is written by Ruthy Kanagy, our Bike Friday advisor ! :-) Since she has experience living in Japan herself, the book is really down to earth in terms of living information.

Fireworks, Tokyo 2007

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2007showa_fireworks_pre.jpg 2007showa_fireworks.jpg 2007showa_fireworks1.jpg

With the coming of summer in Tokyo, the season of fireworks start with the peak of the season from the end of July to the middle of August. Japan is famous for it's variety size of the fireworks, as well as the stage effects. If you're in Japan this time of season, it's a must-see.

I went to see the fireworks at Showa Memorial Park, near Tachikawa last night. There were a ton of spectators out to see the hour and a half show, but we were able to get some good seating on the green, and spend a relaxing time. Beautiful, powerful, and exotic. Come to think of it, I hadn't watched fireworks live in about 5years. Must have been living life too busy.

Here's a list of links that provide useful information on fireworks in and out of Tokyo :

Happy New Year '2007

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謹賀新年...."Kin Ga Shin Nen" is a phrase meaning "Celebration of the New Years"
2007 is the year of the boar in Japan.

Hope things go well for everyone !

rainy season

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The rainy season is approaching in Tokyo.
Since it continues to rain every weekend, we can not ride on our bikes which we love to do.
When it is raining, we play Majong! We say Chi-Pon!

We are planning to participate in a hill climb race, "TOUR de UTSUKUSHIGAHARA 2006"
next month.
I am worried about lack of power because I can not ride on my bike.


Happy New Year !

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Here's my new year's resolution :
(I'll write it on my English blog so most of my Japanese buddies don't notice it and pressurize me ! :-) )

  • Restarting my workout...When I used to be much more addicted to tennis, I would regularly be doing push ups and sit ups, and squats to get more power, and keep in shape for my matches with my colleagues. Somehow, that habit has diappeared as I started cycling so I've decided to restart it this year because I'm feeling lack of muscle power these days. It's not that I'm notplanning to increase my service aces or forehand stroke aces down the line( I always luv that one !) , it's for two reasons ; 1) When there is a lack of physical strength in your tennis game and you become low on it, it becomes difficult to concentrate in your game. I'm feeling it happen in my recentplays. 2) I need more upper-body strength for my long distance riding on my Air Friday, which is ridden in a crouching, road type position.
  • There's a a few areas of interest that I've not gotten to studying in depth. I plan to take a step ahead in knowledge input and synchronize my ability with my interest.(though I'll probably end up just reading about it...well, better than doing nothing !) 1) commercial web design 2) coffee (Yes, I want to learn about coffee !) 3) accounting.
  • Spanish...It's a secret I've kept among others that I had studied Spanish for two years as a second language in elementary school, "Hablo Espanol un poco" Might as make use of what I remember and bring it up to the level that I can "really" speak. You never know, I might be going into sombrero exporting or the chili (pepper) buisiness in a few years !
  • I plan to take the TOEIC test for the first time in 15 years ! I'm pretty sure my hearing skills have subsantially de-graded...:-( It's time I face the reality.
  • I'll post AT LEAST once a month !

I'd better not add on things so easily becouse I don't want to be responsible in any way...:-)