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LEVEL - Matsuda Cycle Factory (Custom Built Frames)

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For all you cyclists interested in frame order bicycles, Matsuda Cycle Factory, or better known for the brand name LEVEL has started a web site. (Japanese only...)
LEVEL is famous for their KEIRIN bicycles, which is hand crafted one by one and tailored by Matsuda-san to suit each racing athlete. That same craftsmanship and design will go into each ordered custom built frames for the hobby cyclists as well.
Send them an email, if your interested in a order frame. (referencing this artice may help.)

LEVEL - Matsuda Cycle Factory : http://levelcycle.web.infoseek.co.jp/

Happy New Year !

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Here's my new year's resolution :
(I'll write it on my English blog so most of my Japanese buddies don't notice it and pressurize me ! :-) )

  • Restarting my workout...When I used to be much more addicted to tennis, I would regularly be doing push ups and sit ups, and squats to get more power, and keep in shape for my matches with my colleagues. Somehow, that habit has diappeared as I started cycling so I've decided to restart it this year because I'm feeling lack of muscle power these days. It's not that I'm notplanning to increase my service aces or forehand stroke aces down the line( I always luv that one !) , it's for two reasons ; 1) When there is a lack of physical strength in your tennis game and you become low on it, it becomes difficult to concentrate in your game. I'm feeling it happen in my recentplays. 2) I need more upper-body strength for my long distance riding on my Air Friday, which is ridden in a crouching, road type position.
  • There's a a few areas of interest that I've not gotten to studying in depth. I plan to take a step ahead in knowledge input and synchronize my ability with my interest.(though I'll probably end up just reading about it...well, better than doing nothing !) 1) commercial web design 2) coffee (Yes, I want to learn about coffee !) 3) accounting.
  • Spanish...It's a secret I've kept among others that I had studied Spanish for two years as a second language in elementary school, "Hablo Espanol un poco" Might as make use of what I remember and bring it up to the level that I can "really" speak. You never know, I might be going into sombrero exporting or the chili (pepper) buisiness in a few years !
  • I plan to take the TOEIC test for the first time in 15 years ! I'm pretty sure my hearing skills have subsantially de-graded...:-( It's time I face the reality.
  • I'll post AT LEAST once a month !

I'd better not add on things so easily becouse I don't want to be responsible in any way...:-)