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Hiroshima, seen from different sides

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This year marks the 60th year of the end of World War II. Though the dropping of the A-bomb is an important news topic every year on August 6th in Japan, the anniversary made it a bigger topic this year for the media in the United States, as far as I see.
Every year at this time, I get an very awkward impression from the American media which tends to justify this history by disclosing interviews that say that this act was necessary in order to end the war. The reason for the awkwardness is because the Japanese media seldom positions the bombing this way , but primarily focuses on the casualties and aftermath of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki disaster. Both are valid views, and I fully understand the way they are reported in each country, but I always imagine how if the two countries can switch their views and look at this day from "the other side" in order to deepen the understanding more and more.

Visitor Guestmap

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I keep a monthly track of the access to this site. This past few months, the percentage of access from countries other than Japan was more than 30%, compared to less than 25% before then. Though I'm not quite sure why this is happening, this is good since I have wanted access from overseas to increase.
Even though I do have statistics for which countries the site has had access from (it can be derived from the web browser information), I'm interested in visitors actually informing me about where they are accessing this site from.
I set up something called "Vistor Global Map", which can be accessed from the side bar on the top page. Click on the icon, and a map of the world will appear. Everyone visiting can "pin down" their place of access on a graphical world map.
Thanks for visiting, and please do leave your footsteps on the Global Map!