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Cycle Oregon 2006

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Well, I'm back. Actually, it's 3 weeks since my return from Oregon, and I'm beginning to settle down at last.

0609CO2006_sign.jpg 0609CO2006_road.jpg

Cycle Oregon 2006(CO2006) was great ride, verrry well organized, and first class service considering you are on a camping trip !
No event in Japan will compare to this event in terms of organization and setup. 80 miles (and up) with hills everyday for 6 days was a bit overwork for us. Though we were able to ride it through, a shorter distance may have helped with more room for us to enjoy the scenery, nightly activities at the campsite, and interaction with more people. (We were basically asleep right after dinner, our bodies couldn't take any more...) We'll, I guess that's our problem, and the distance must of been adequate for the rest of the riders who were enjoying the evening festivities :-)

0609CO2006_tent.jpg 0609CO2006_5miles.jpg

Though very tiring (HOT, and COLD !) whilst on the road, it was a surprise that I wasn't in any pain with cramps or muscle aches in finishing the ride. My knees did hurt on the 2nd day due to bad positioning , but a position check (bike fitting) at the end of the thrid day took care of that. (Should have done it first thing.)


I do have alot of things to talk about this event, too much that it'll take time to sort out and have it written in English.
One thing, it's a surprise to me that against my assupmtion that I would be most moved by the Oregon nature and wilderness, my strongest feeling towards CO2006 now is how interesting it was to meet and talk with different people and personalities. It was also interesting to think about the American thinking, motivation, and expectation that makes something like this happen. (2000 tents, showers, kitchens, a bike shop, coffee shop, ice cream shop, beer garden and pizzeria, practically a small village all moving along with 2000 cyclists ! )