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Since I started putting out information on this site about my bicycles and cycling, I've been constantly getting inquires from overseas asking for advice about cycling in Tokyo, and places to ride. Looking around the internet myself, I found out that there was lack of information (both in English AND Japanese !) on cycling in Tokyo.
As a Tokyoite cyclist, I felt it a natural thing to do to promote cycling in Tokyo, provide our knowledge and information out to the world, and help out people visiting (and living in) Tokyo to go about cycling. After all, cycling IS the best way to tour various places in Tokyo at your own pace ! Luckily, a few of my fellow cyclist buddies felt the same when talking to them, so we started something called the "Cycle Tokyo ! Project" at the beginning of the year. After few months of gathering information, test rides and discussions, we now have a new website and volunteer cycling guide service.

Cycle Tokyo ! :

This site is intended to assist overseas visitors interested in cycling around Tokyo. The site will provide tips on cycling in the city, and introduce a variety of actual courses to ride making cycling in Tokyo a worthwhile one. Of course, the site will also be useful to local cyclists that reside in Tokyo.
There are tourist sites, and there are cycling sites out there. However, one of the features of this site that makes it outstanding is our list of actual cycling "tour" ride courses (in detail, including maps and GPS logs !) in and around Tokyo. This is something few sites offer. As we go on with this activitiy, more and more courses will be added, providing many choices.

Here's some of the stuff you will find in this site : (from the Cycle Tokyo ! flyer)

  • Tokyo Bike Tours : We'll present you with actual plans for bicycle rides around Tokyo. There's a detailed course map, route information, GPS logs etc.
  • Let Us Guide You! : We can guide your Tokyo ride !
  • Tokyo Cycling Blog : Info on what's going on in Tokyo NOW.
  • Riding Essentials : Hints and tips on how to have a good time riding in Tokyo.

Cycle Tokyo ! information(flyer - pdf) :

We're looking forward to lots of access, and people making use of the information.
This is a growing project, so we will always welcome feedback and comments that will help make the contents more useful. Contact the project at : cycle-tokyo"at-mark" (replace "at-mark" with "@")