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Arakawa Cycling Ride (3rd Sunday every month)

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Wondering where to ride your bike on a sunny Sunday ? Let's get together with many cyclists on the 3rd Sunday of every month and ride the Arakawa Cycling Course in Tokyo ! 
This ride is a casual one, so don't worry about being a beginner cyclist. Get to know many fellow cyclists, and get to look at lots of interesting bikes. The ride starts from Ukimafunato Park located in front of the JR Ukimafunato Station (Saitama), and heads downstream along the Arakawa River for approximately 30 km, finishing at Kasai Rinkai Park (Tokyo Bay). You can participate with any kind of bicycle, be it a folder, a recumbent or even a mama-chari ! Take a look at the Arakawa Cycling Page for more information, and drop us a note if you're interested in joining the ride.