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Cycling Jersey au Japon !

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For those of you looking for Japanese-ish jerseys....
These are by Pearl Izumi, so they must be of good quality.

Sakura : http://www.cyclingtime.com/modules/wordpress0/index.php?p=1783
Ryu, and Kabuki : http://item.rakuten.co.jp/o-trick/06spi000

How about one Steven ? :-)

Back and Running

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Our blog database was corrupt this past couple of weeks, which prevented us form postng articles, accepting comments...practically everything. We tried, but had to forget about fixing the database, and ended up startin up a new one.
Since I fortunately had the most of the articles backed up, I was able to reload them on to the new database, except for the comments I recieved in January and February. I apologise for not backing them up, and losing them as a result.
I started the recovery process from the Engish site, so the Japanese site has not been recovered yet. (850 articles !)

LEVEL Competition Trike

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There is an interesting bike on the LEVEL site, the LEVEL CP-ISRA Trike (bottom half of the page). The trike was designed for a rider with equilibratory disability, and is a full competition road bike.(It was actually ordered for use in the paralimpics bicycle race) The rear section can be taken apart using SandS couplings without detaching the gear train, for easy transportation.
I can easily imagine how difficult itwould be for disabled cyclists to order a custom road bike that would answer their need for various assist mechanisms. This is one frame builder that can answer.

LEVEL - Matsuda Bicycle Factory : http://levelcycle.web.infoseek.co.jp/

By the way, I found ( what I imagine is ) the predecessor of what's on the LEVEL site, at this homepage :

S and S Machine - LEVEL Competition Tricycle : http://www.sandsmachine.com/a_mat_r1.htm