This is the combined home of various and random contents of hobbies, interest and thoughts of myself, Ats Nakamura.

Based in Tokyo Japan, I am an engineer with the main role of connectivity and cloud evangelist in the application software area. I have done standards work as well as system design for USB, IEEE1394, WiFi and cloud/web service applications.

Tennis, cycling, automobiles (cars, driving, motorsports spectating) , travel and IT gadgets are some of my hobbies and interests.

Though many of the contents of this site are concurrently written in English, not all of them are. This is the English site that provides contents written in English. Access to all contents are possible via the Japanese top page reachable by clicking the "Japanese" button on the top menu. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, there shouldn't be any layout corruption that happened in the old days due to locale and unknown character codes. Enjoy the images even if you can't understand the Japanese.