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Design Change..."Rainer"

Testing a new design for this blog... quite simple and clean.
The best thing is is that it's Movabletype standard layout (meaning no tweaks required), and it's responsive (meaning the layout will adjust to access form all kinds of devices.))

Reactivation (and Renewal) of this Weblog

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Since my last posting in 2008, I had been focusing my English blogging activity on Cycle Tokyo!. I will also admit that my primary means of communicating on the internet has been on Facebook. Thus, my Japanese blog has been lagging as well. During the rainy days of golden Week, I went ahead and updated my weblog system (Movable Type) for the first time in 2years. (Should have done so long ago, as there security issues that were addressed) This update gave me a chance to clean up the system and get the blogs back "online". The English blog did have some issues with article posting not going well, which had also decreased my motivation. With this done, I have decided to reactivate this blog and resume posting articles once in a while.

Back and Running

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Our blog database was corrupt this past couple of weeks, which prevented us form postng articles, accepting comments...practically everything. We tried, but had to forget about fixing the database, and ended up startin up a new one.
Since I fortunately had the most of the articles backed up, I was able to reload them on to the new database, except for the comments I recieved in January and February. I apologise for not backing them up, and losing them as a result.
I started the recovery process from the Engish site, so the Japanese site has not been recovered yet. (850 articles !)

Visitor Guestmap

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I keep a monthly track of the access to this site. This past few months, the percentage of access from countries other than Japan was more than 30%, compared to less than 25% before then. Though I'm not quite sure why this is happening, this is good since I have wanted access from overseas to increase.
Even though I do have statistics for which countries the site has had access from (it can be derived from the web browser information), I'm interested in visitors actually informing me about where they are accessing this site from.
I set up something called "Vistor Global Map", which can be accessed from the side bar on the top page. Click on the icon, and a map of the world will appear. Everyone visiting can "pin down" their place of access on a graphical world map.
Thanks for visiting, and please do leave your footsteps on the Global Map!