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Sloppy but Satisfying Riding

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Weekends in Tokyo this spring were very frustrating for cyclists, with rain for (7? 8? many for sure)consecutive weeks. Then after a couple of sunny ones, came Tsuyu, the rainiy season. We sure impoved on Majong and table tennis, but no biking. We were verrry lucky that the day we hosted the 2nd Tokyo Cheescake Pottering Ride with 19 riders didn't rain....until everyone got home !
The Utusukushigahara HillClimb Race came the weekend after with good weather, but down we were with a bad cold ! (We didn't even get to Matsumoto, the race location.)
When I had the chance to take my bike out at last for a run on a cloudy (coudln't ask for more in this situation...) Saturday morning, it was as though I was a dog being unleashed out in the open. I couldn't believe how frustrated I had been because of lack of riding seriously (of course according to my standards...) in so long. It was a short 3 hour ride along Tamagawa River, but I soon found out I was pushing hard as I could without any thinking. I must have been riding really sloppy without thinking about a smooth ride, because my knees started aching that evening. In any case, satisfaction won over anything else, and the aches were peaceful ones.