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Rusty tongue

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It's a while since I last had an vocal English conversation with somebody, and I feel my English toungue rapidly weakening. Writing is much less a challenge, you can jot a few words, think about it, and re-write it if it doesn't make sense. You can take your time in using the dictionary, and the process is on your own pace. Speaking on the other hand is an on-going interactive thing, where your your English reflexes and quick response to your speaking partner's words are required. Timing is very critial in an conversation, and the tension is much different from writing. It needs some getting used to when your primary tongue is not English, and you usually live in a non-English speaking country. The reason why the first day of an buisness trip to an English speaking country starts off slow is parlty because it takes time to start talkng in a normal pace. Once you get used to it, you recognize that you are enjoying the tension. That's the fun part about speaking.