Design Change..."Rainer"

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Testing a new design for this blog... quite simple and clean.
The best thing is is that it's Movabletype standard layout (meaning no tweaks required), and it's responsive (meaning the layout will adjust to access form all kinds of devices.))

GoPro HERO3+ in Hawaii

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Took my GoPro HERO3+ action camera to Hawaii on vacation.
Drove to North Shore, went snorkeling, did some hikes, ate, ate ate, and also just watched sunset. Unfortunately, no cycling. (We need to do it again sometime.)

Here are some GoPro clips edited for YouTube. The originals are great on my 42" HDTV !

Snow In Tokyo '2014

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Tokyo encountered heavy snow two weekends in a row.


Late night near the station. Totally different scenery.


Around the house.


Snow covered...what ?


Partially uncovered, the next morning


A pic from the snowfall a week ago. This was heavy, but not compared to this week.


You don't see so many snowmen in Tokyo. They were big guys this time around...

Annular Solar Eclipse '2012-May 21

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For the first in a 173 year event for Tokyo, I decided to give my first solar photography a try. With clouds passing by and covering up the sun periodiaclly, it was difficult to control the exposure through the whole shoot. I guess I did okay though. The photo set below.


Actually, I like the silght offset...